Our Mission

To improve the efficiency and transparency in which construction stakeholders manage their workforce before, during, and years after construction. We build value for our customers by providing them with real-time awareness of who and when their workforce is entering/exiting their construction sites and then generate customized automated daily reports. Our top priority is to protect our customers by reducing the inherent risk in managing contracts, increasing profits and meeting completion dates.

About ADR Software, LLC

ADR Software is a SaaS based company leveraging wide area cellular networking and radio frequency identification device technologies to service the construction labour industry. ADR’s Workforce Monitor™ service is a monthly subscription that provides a reliable and turnkey solution that general contractors and project owners use to collect, document and evaluate complex manpower information in real-time. By monitoring the entrances and exits of construction sites with rapid deployment, self-sufficient, and cloud connected portals, Workforce Monitor captures information about workforce traffic and reports the activity in a web-based environment, as it occurs.

A Brief History

In Q3 of 2009, ADR launched its prototype Workforce Monitor at a site on Gaithersburg, Maryland. The technology being employed by ADR was designed for supply-chain management applications and had not been exposed to the kind of elements encountered at the first ADR site. The company worked diligently with its suppliers to perfect the process of capturing reads from what proved to be a diverse variety of heights, speeds, directions and angles. In early 2010 the company closed on it third round of capital, raising enough capital to launch its Workforce Monitor service for it first commercial customer, HITT Contracting. Concurrently, ADR Software designed and developed the first ADR Portal—a means for controlling the variables associated with tag capture. The ADR Portals went into manufacturing in Q3 2010.

Moving Forward

Workforce Monitor now operates on jobs across the United States with certified sales agents in 29 states. ADR’s Workforce Monitor currently serves commercial, government and non-profit economic development customers. The company is managed by a seasoned executive team and board of directors. The company expects to expand operations into fifteen US markets by the end of 2014.